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We are a liberal, progressive, religious community. We come together to support one another in building the Beloved Community. We help each other live lives of integrity, service, and love by offering; thoughtful and engaging worship that combines both head and heart, engaging workshops, interesting book groups, leadership roundtables, social opportunities for learning and sharing, and opportunities to give back to the larger community and to be in service with others.


We are committed to caring for each other, the city of New Bedford, and our global community. Our worship services are a place for people to come and reflect on their own needs as well as the needs of others. This church is engaged in many social justice projects in the community, and we understand that spirituality must be lived in the world, not just talked about in church on Sunday mornings.


Our Mission is to encourage diversity and mutual acceptance and to work for positive change in ourselves and our community.

"We envision a congregation in which we practice the principles of our faith. We seek to enjoy peaceful reflection and inspiration in intellectually and spiritually satisfying church services. We aim to embrace the people and efforts of our church community by supporting our children and their programs, our committees and their goals, our staff and their efforts on our behalf, and each other."


Our purpose is to encourage persons to strive toward high ethical and moral standards in their personal life and in the community. All members shall be free to formulate their religious beliefs according to their individual needs, conscience, and degree of maturity.



We come together as a religious community upholding freedom of conscience, right relationship, and the inherent worth of all people. We value diversity and pledge to care for one another in the spirit of compassion, to speak and listen to each other with respect, and to promote justice and kindness in the world.


We aim to help address the larger community’s challenges in racial, social, and economic justice; ecological sustainability; education; and support of the arts. We endeavor to reflect in our own growing numbers the cultural and ethnic diversity of our area. We commit to enhancing our understanding and acceptance of the diverse religious expression present in our greater community, including reaching out to other faiths in mutual respect and with shared goals.



Welcome to the Unitarian Church in New Bedford's Social Justice Committee, a vibrant and passionate community of people dedicated to the pursuit of social justice. We are a group of individuals who are driven by compassion and a commitment to a better world for all people.


From our work for marriage equality, women’s suffrage, the abolition of slavery, for civil and voting rights, to advocating for a path to citizenship for immigrants, to taking on the ‘New Jim Crow’ and white supremacy today.

Unitarian Universalists have a legacy to carry onward.

All our work is grounded in racial justice, and we build relationships with and center the leadership of those most impacted by forms of oppression and injustice. UU Mass Action is also proud to be one of the many UU entities to have adopted the 8th principle. We stand with many of our fellow Unitarian Universalists and congregations to "covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

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