sslFirst Unitarian Church is a liberal, progressive religious community. We come together for support in following the UU Path of Love, Freedom and Service. These are central to our beliefs and our way of living. We provide a safe and caring environment for adults, children and youth to come and learn about themselves and the world around them. We provide a community that encourages outreach, growth and deep knowing. For we all yearn, as author and educator Parker Palmer says, “to know as we are known.”
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Coming up this Sunday, August 31- Evelyn Parrish GifunRacial Attitudes in Florida in the ’50s”

Legal segregation and all its hardships were just as prevalent in Florida in the ’50s as in the rest of the south. I will talk about how some of the racist attitudes were perpetuated, what people were like who were racist, and how I used that in my novel, Three Strangers: A Trilogy in Black and White.

          Evelyn grew up on a farm in Florida in the ’50s.  At 18, she moved from there, where she had never known an African American, to Washington, D. C., which was 54% black.  For her, that was a learning and an un-learning experience.  She moved to Dartmouth in 1973 with her husband (Prof. Fred Gifun) and two daughters, Gina and Donna.  She has a Masters degree in Professional Writing and has finished a novel set in central Florida in 1957.  She hopes the book will be out by fall.

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